The Virtual Museum Zuidas is currently a platform for artists who are documenting the building process of the Zuidas. In the next 25 years, the Amsterdam Zuidas is slated to develop into a top international location. The mix of high activity, urban living and improving public facilities creates a diverse and international atmosphere. In the future, the A10 freeway and the railway tracks will cover a distance of 1.2 kilometers underground.

siteplan Zuidas 2009
siteplan Zuidas 2020

The Beatrix Park overlooks the skyline of the Zuidas and has recreational significance for the inhabitants of the Zuidas. A newly designed art trail through the park engages the entire audience of the Beatrix Park with art. This trail will widen up at a certain moment and give the new museum shape. The new building for the museum will have 3000m2 of exhibit spaces, studios and housing for artists in residence.

siteplan Beatrixpark with art trail

In the phase before the A10 goes underground, the museum will span part of the train tracks. In the second phase, as the A10 and the railway tracks go underground, the new landscape will be filled with green and the museum will act as a connection between the art trail and Amsterdam Zuid. The shape of the art trail is a composition of two ribbons.

There are different entrances; from the north via the cafe art space; the other possibility is to go directly to the official entrance of the ground level. On the ground level is the main exhibition space and on the on the first level are the art studios. The second floor can be accessed via a staircase. On sunny days, the public is invited to sit on the stairs. On the third level are the housing for the artist who also has access to a roof terrace.

visualization Museum Flux 2009
visualization Museum Flux 2020