Twente is a region of beautiful landscapes, home to to national parks and many country estates. t Vaneker within Twente now consists of scattered farms, interspersed with open meadows and arable land. It has an almost park-like character.

In the past, the residents of Twente lived from the land. The farmers lived in small social communities; ‘buurschappen’. On the boundaries sit hedgerows, giving each cluster an intimate atmosphere. From the clusters are sightlines to the landscape, alternating with an open landscape.

siteplan Buurschappen

This particular landscape and social situation is the basis of the design. According to the analysis of the area, the main point is to be as strong as possible against urbanization. We want to keep the special character of the alternating openness, the density of this unique area and we want to preserve the sight lines to the landscape as much as possible. The project was made in collaboration with Anita Rühle.

groundplan +0

These were the main starting points by the planning of the four living units as one cluster. The buildings are planned low with one or two floors to maintain the visual openness as much as possible.

view east
view north
view south